Lochs of Stenness and Harray


Times of high water

Tidal streams



Bridge of Waithe: (HY 281 112) g Small area where 1 or 2 cars might be parked down a short track off the main road. Options for launching here will likely be dependant on the tide. Also possible to launch to the north of the Bridge.

The Ness, Loch of Stenness: (HY 259 152) g A grassy track leads off the road and runs adjacent to the water. It is not obvious where to leave a car, but it may be possible to leave one on the verge?

Stones of Stenness: (HY 307 124) g Large layby off road, signed 'Stones of Stenness', access to sea across grass verge on opposite side of road. It is possible to portage at the causeway just to the north into the Loch of Harray.

Brodgar: (HY 294 138) g Good sized parking area, with short path down to old harbour. May also be possible to launch in the larger harbour just to the south.

Merkister Hotel: (HY 297 190) g Parking area next to rough slipway within the Hotel grounds. The hotel is said to be friendly and to serve excellent food.

Long Holm viewpoint: (HY 311 140) g Parking at the end of a track off the main road from which paths lead to the shoreline.

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